How do I password protect a directory?

1) Log in to cPanel.
2) In the section called "Security" click "Password Protect Directories"
3) A popup window will come up titled "File Manager Directory Selection"

To password protect a directory in the root directory, public_html, select the option "Web Root (public_html/www)"

To password protect a directory within a directory in public_html, select a folder from the drop-down menu under "Document Root for"

4) Select the folder you wish to protect by clicking on its name.  Or, to view more folder within a folder, click on that folder's icon.
5) Security Settings:

Password protect this directory: Check this.

Name the protected directory: Type in a name you would like to call this directory

Click Save

6) Create a user by entering a desired username and password.  You must add a user/users to access the directory from the web.

Click "Add/modify authorized user"

You can add many users to be able to access your protected directory.

Under Authorized Users, you can delete users who have access to this directory.
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