How to configure/manage SpamAssassin?

SpamAssassin is an additional feature that we offer to our customers. If you would like to have it enabled on your account please submit a ticket to our support department and they can assist you with setting this up on your account. Once enabled, you will then see the SpamAssassin icon inside of your cPanel and can follow this guide to configure/manage it.

If you want to use SpamAssassin to filter your emails, the first thing you will have to do is enable it.

Assuming you are already logged in cPanel, click on the SpamAssassin icon.

Then click on the "Enable" button to activate SpamAssassin. cPanel will then tell you that it has been enabled. Click on the Go Back link at the bottom to go to the previous window where SpamAssassin can be configured.

Since there is no guarantee that SpamAssassin will tag legitimate emails as spam, it is advisable to disable the automatic delete option. Click on the Disable Auto-Delete Spam button to do so.

The way SpamAssassin determines if an email is spam or not is by assigning it a score based on various criteria like certain keywords or keyphrases, the origin domain, the mail server where it came, etc. If the score is high enough, the email gets tagged as spam.

The spam score can be set by using the drop down menu from the Filters panel, but keep in mind doing this will re-enable the automatic delete option.

If you want to keep automatic delete disabled, click on the Configure SpamAssassin button at the bottom. From there, you will be able to set various settings.

- Required Score

This is where you are going to set the required score for an email to be tagged as spam. The lower the number, the more strict the spam filter will be.

With automatic delete disabled the value can be set more strict to start for testing purposes.  The mail server will append SPAM to the subject of emails it considered as spam. This will allow you to see if the filter is flagging legitimate e-mails as spam or if the setting is to your liking.

Once you have set the right score value, you may enable the automatic delete option if you want.

- Blacklist From

If you want to automatically block emails from a particular address or an entire domain, enter it here. If you want to block a whole domain, use the wildcard like this: *

- White list From

To make sure you always get emails from a particular address or domains, enter it here. This works the same way as for the Blacklist From format.

Once you are done, click on the Save button and the settings will be applied instantly.
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