iPhone Configuration Settings

**Please Note: This guide is for MetroMail secure email, only. If you do not have the secure email service please click here for a guide on how to set up regular email service on your iPhone.

Step 1: Access the mail section on your iPhone

Step 2: Select "Add Account"

Step 3: Select "Other" when asked what type of account you will be creating

Step 4: Click on "Add Mail Account"

Step 5: Enter the name, full email address (name@domain.com), the password for that email address, and the description.

Step 6: Next, choose whether you want an IMAP or POP set up. IMAP will show the emails from the server and keep them there. This allows you to check your email from multiple devices. POP will download the emails to that device and remove them from the server. This means you can ONLY check email from that one device. We suggest setting up an IMAP account so you can check your emails from anywhere.

Step 7Fill out your host name, user name, and password for your incoming mailserver. The information will be as follows:
         Host Name: The server that was included in your login details email (it will look something like xxxxxx.hostmetro.com)
            User Name: Your email address (name@domain.com)
            Password: The password for that email address

Step 8: 
The outgoing mailserver information will be the same as incoming.

Step 9: Save the information and you should be all set up. You should now be able to send and receive email from your phone with MetroMail Secure Email.
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