How to transfer domain registration to HostMetro

Transferring a domain name to HostMetro is easy, but there are several important steps that need to be taken to ensure the transfer goes through successfully. Follow the steps below to transfer your domain to HostMetro.

1. Contact your current domain registrar (the company where you bought it) and ask them to unlock the domain name and send you a transfer authorization/EPP code.
2. Make sure that the domain name is unlocked and any domain WhoIs privacy is turned off. It is important that the WhoIs contact information is yours becasue our registrar will use that to send you a confirmation email.
3. Login to your client area here and click on Domains >> Transfer Domain to Us
4. Type in the domain name that you want to transfer and click "check availability." Our system will check to make sure it is registered already. Next click "Add to Cart."
5. The next page will prompt you for the autorization/EPP code that was given to you by the old registrar. Paste the code into the text box and hit "update cart."
6. Review your order and hit "Check Out."
7. Select your payment option. You can either use a current credit card on file, submit a new card, or use PayPal.
8. After submitting the order the transfer will initiate. Please allow up to 3-10 days for the transfer to be completed.

Please Note: There are several conditions that need to be met in order for a domain to be transferred successfully.
  • A domain name must be at least 60 days old before it is able to be transferred. This is an ICANN policy that must be followed by every domain registrar.
  • We strongly recommend starting a transfer at least two (2) weeks before expiration to ensure it transfers successfully. Domain transfers can take anywhere from 3-10 days to complete, and if the domain expires before the transfer is completed then it can not be transferred until it is renewed with the old registrar.
  • ICANN requires that a domain name reistration be extended for an additional year when transferring a domain name. A charge will be incurred for this domain name and it may vary depending on the TLD.
  • Please ensure WhoIs contact information includes an email address that you have access to. A transfer confirmation email is sent to that address that includes a link that must be clicked to accept the transfer in order for it to be completed.
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