How do I cancel my account?

To cancel hosting:

In order to cancel your hosting, you would need to log into your Client Area at 

You can cancel by selecting "My Services" from the Services drop down menu. From there click on  the package you wish to cancel and select "Request Cancellation" in the sidebar on the left.

Fill out your reason for cancelling and select either Immediate cancellation or "End of Billing Period" cancellation, depending on when you would like your cancellation to be processed.

Once you have submitted a cancellation request, all invoices for that service will be cancelled. Once your cancellation request has been processed, your hosting account will be cancelled and your services will be discontinued.

You will need to submit a cancellation request for each service you wish to cancel.

To cancel a domain:

If you wish to discontinue a domain on your account, you can do so from "My Domains" in the Domains drop down menu. Click the down arrow next to the domain and select "Auto Renewal Status" then click "Disable Auto Renew". You will need to do this for each domain you wish to discontinue.

Your domain will not expire until the end of its registration period, regardless of when you disable automatic renewal.

To cancel an addon:

If you wish to cancel an addon feature for your hosting account, please open a ticket with our billing department and state which addon for which hosting account you would like to cancel, and we will cancel it for you. If this addon automatically renews, please submit a ticket at least 2 days before its renewal, or we cannot guarantee that you will not be charged for its renewal.

Any questions regarding cancellation should be directed to our billing department.
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